Say Goodbye to Shaving – Home Laser Hair Removal 4x

One of the things that I dreed doing is shaving, which I do about 3-4x a week. Yes, my hair grows that fast and I hate it. Lately I’ve been thinking about getting a wax or a laser treatment but if you think about the cost, it can be pretty darn expensive. So when I was first introduced to the Hair Removal Laser 4x I was intrigued. I actually been wanting to purchase one for years but at the same time I had doubt. Wondering if it will even work, will it be painful, or will I even use it at all?

Okay, enough with all my babbling. Let’s get talking about this pink device!

Why you need Tria Hair Removal Laser?

Because it’s pretty awesome, that’s why! No, seriously it is. If you hate shaving as much as I do then you are going to love this amazing device. Yes, it does take some time out of your busy schedule but just think. If you can stop your hair from growing wouldn’t you be thrilled? Although it’s Fall and Winter is around the corner, by Spring time your body will be prick free. (wink wink)

The best part is that it is FDA approved and preferred by dermatologist.

Who can use it?

Sadly, not everyone can use it. If you have dark skin or light hair then this device will not work for you. Because of the Melanin of your skin it will cause an injury and we do not want that to happen. Plus there is a lock on it which helps detect if your skin tone is safe. Which I love!

How does it work?

Tria Laser targets the pigment of the hair. Each time you use the device it disables the hair which stops the follicles to regrow.

How to use?

It’s funny because of course I didn’t read the instructions when I first recieved the laser. So I let my hair on my legs grow for a week. Eww, right?  Turns out that you need to be hairless before you use it. Oops, silly me! Please make sure to shave before using the Hair Removal Laser.

  1. Make sure the area is clean and has no hair.
  2. Appy the Calming cream.
  3. Choose your comfort level. There’s 5.
  4. Use the device on area.

Easy peasy, right? You will need to use the treatment every 2 weeks for about 3 to 4 months. You can use it on face and body.

Does it hurt?

Not at all. Since they’re 5 levels, you choose which one is in your comfort zone. Right now, I can only take Level 2. I tried 3 and it did hurt a bit so I think once my skin gets use to it I can move up a level and so on. You might feel a little heat from the laser and sometimes like a minimal pinching feeling. But it is tolerable.

I can’t wait til the end of my progress and my final ext timeresults which I promise to keep you updated.

If you would like to purchase one these babies or want more details, clik here.

until next time…

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