The Perfect Quiet Time Nook For Your Child

In my home, quiet time is something that I try to do with my daughter. Although I love her to pieces. She is at that age where she ask millions of questions all day every day. If you’re a mom then you know what I mean.

Since asking her to just go to her room to relax is really not enough for her anymore. I always get that “My room is boring” type of answer. Wow! Mom life is the best right? When I can get Princess to her room, for some reason I always find her in the closet.

So then I thought, this little girl needs a Princess cave.

If you’re like me and looking for the perfect nook for quiet time, I found it!

A Winter Blue Teepee

One we placed an order of our Light Up Play Tent at Best Choice products, it took about 3 business day to arrive at our doorstep. When my daughter heard the delivery guy knock she was so excited. She held on to her package all day until her daddy was able to set it up. Which was very easy and simple and took less then 10 minutes.

I was shocked on how huge it actually was, but wasn’t disappointed at all. In my mind I had a vision on where I would put it and it didn’t fit. It took me almost all day to figure out where to place it. Once I found the perfect spot, it was funny because our dog thought it was for him. He ran inside and laid down for a bit, then got out to grab his toys to put inside the tent and wouldn’t want to get out. I wish I took pictures at that moment.

The first night, my daughter wanted to have a sleep over. She invited two of her cousins and they were in the teepee all night. Playing, laughing, and telling stories.

I love it because she now has a Princess cave where she can relax, read her books, and play tea party with her dolls. Another thing I love about this teepee is that it came with 2 string of lights which it does take batteries. We added one inside and around the tent, they light up pretty bright as well. She likes to put it on the blinking setting.

This whimsical teepee comes in many other colors and patterns at Best Choice Products. You can also purchase on Amazon or Sears. Since the Holiday is just around the corner. It makes the perfect gift and I promise your little one will love it!

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P.S My daughter wants me to let you know that this tent is great for kids to hang out in, have sleepovers, and read book. Those are her words. =)


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