New Year , better me!

January is officially almost over and it feels like I did not accomplish much. Although I was busy this month, I can’t really say that I was productive because I was not. I did however started 2018 with some self reflection of my life. If you have been following me for awhile then you must have noticed that I didn’t really talk much on IG stories, post on my feed, or even wrote a blog this month.

I do not believe in that New Year, new me type of crap!

Honestly, I will always be me.

I do however want to do things that will make me a better person. So this month, I took the time to think a lot. I’m a Virgo, and if you know how we are then you know that our mind is always on the go. It sometimes drives me crazy to the point where I’m losing sleep over it….

…but let me get back on track.

I want 2018 to be my year!

Just like everyone else who wants to succeed. So I took time to myself to reflect on what I want and don’t want in life. I mean, I am not getting any younger and there are so much I want to get done before I’m in my 30’s.

(FYI, I still have a few more years.)

Last year was one of my favorites because I started a new journey with blogging. It brought me so much amazing experience and I felt so blessed with those opportunities. I also met some new people that I am happy to now call my friends. As well as work with a few of my favorite brands that I love. I can even say that I got out of my comfort zone a bit. Which is great because I’m actually a shy person.

No, I’m not bragging or saying that my life is sunshine and roses. I had some bad days as well, dealing with depression and grief over my little sister. Having relationship problems and feeling a little distant from God. I do hide my pain a lot, especially from social media. So don’t think that my life is perfect because I go through situations just like everyone else.

What did I self-reflect on to start my new year?

– Be myself more often. Don’t care what other people may think of you.

-Engage more with you guys (my Audience/Followers)

 – I Changed my Instagram aesthetics. Which took forever to come up with but decide to revolve the colors around my new hair.

– I Chopped off my hair. Like a lot of it.

-Then I colored my hair & got extensions. Now I look like a true Blogger (*Laughing)

– Overcame my fear & starting a Youtube Channel soon. I want you to know the real me.

-Be more socialable and make an impact on young girls

-Working on a secret new project **

-Taking a Season break from my business that I put my heart and soul into. (@JeminiBeauty)

– Staying fit. Need to get ready for my Hawaii trip and New York Fashion Week in September. Of course Summer too.

-Giveback more & enjoy life stress free

I am so excited for what 2018 will bring me and what I will be sharing with you all. My schedule for this year is already filling up with events and opportunities that I feel so grateful for. My biggest thing I am thrilled about is connecting with you all which I am trying to find fun ways so we all can become besties.

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  1. Holly Guski
    February 1, 2018 / 8:59 am

    Hey babe,
    First of all I just want to tell you how breathtakingly beautiful you are inside and out and how much you inspire me. Now for some of my hair goals. Eek, where do I begin. My entire life my hair has always been really fine and thin. I would give anything for thicker/healthier hair. I get split ends easily and it breaks easily where I put hair ties in. No matter what kind of hair tie I use. It’s been my dream for many years to be able to try hair extensions. But as a mother to 4 adorable growing boys and a tight budget it’s super hard. I love seeing all of your posts. And can we talk about your hair color! Oh my goodness gracious I AM IN LOVE! You’re truly the sweetest & I am so grateful to have met you through social media. My IG name is “Thank you so much for this very loving and incredibly generous chance sweetie. I would be beyond forever grateful & over the moon with excitement to be chosen. Love you babe!

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