MAY (Hit or Miss) Beauty Products

Although, I am a little late on this post, my ultimate goal was to have it posted by the first of June and then life happened. This week has been busy, sadly, my daughter had fractured her little wrist from rollerblading, (I felt like it was a bad mom moment) she is totally fine and loving her glittery pink cast and I am still settling into my new apartment, even though I moved like 2 months ago. But, let’s just save this for another time.
I am excited to do my first hit or miss post on beauty products that I like or dislike.
So let’s begin!


How pretty does this look?


Maybelline – The Blushed Nudes Palette

When I purchased this, I was so thrilled because I had already prepared a post and makeup look I wanted to create.
The palette itself is gorgeous and I am a sucker for anything rose gold. Once I started playing with the colors, they were very light and sheer, even with primer, so the look I wanted to do just went down the drain. (ugh)
So, I tried playing with it again to give it another chance and the colors just would not appear on my eyelid , I even used my fingers instead of brushes but they were just so light I could not even notice if I had shadow on or not.
I am actually disappointed in this palette, I really wanted to love it and had high hopes but it wasn’t for me at all.
Do I still love Maybelline? Of course!
Sadly, this palette did not make my list and it is a miss.
….but it will still look pretty sitting on my desk.


Kat Von D – Lock It Foundation

 I was looking for something that had full coverage and that will give me a flawless look. I heard a lot of mixed emotions about this product, so I just thought to myself “Why the heck not!”
I wore this foundation for about less than 2 weeks.
You really can not judge a product by only trying it once, it takes a few days to really know if you love or hate it.
When I first used this foundation, I was like ehh.
The second day, I told myself “Okay, I think I like it.”
The next few days, ehhh! I was starting to hate it….
Lock-it does give you a full coverage but it’s heavy, and it really does not lock-it.
By the middle of the day, for some reason, it smudges off and starts to look really cakey. You know how when you sweat and your foundation starts to smear off , your face looks spotty and you have to keep pulling out your powder to touch up.
Yes, that is what happened. It was not only for that one time I wore it but everyday for a week . It took me that long to find a new foundation. Like I was complaining about it daily.
I do love Kat Von D. I use the Lock-it concealer and setting powder, for a few months now and I love it.
But, this foundation did not love me, so for that reason, it was an epic fail. It also did not mix well with the lock it concealer, which was weird because it’s the same brand.

Have you tried any of these 2 products? What are you thoughts? 




**Please note- These opinions are my own. Just because a product did not work out for me, doesn’t mean it wouldn’t work for you. Don’t let my judgement effect yours. 

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