How I Color My Hair Extensions +Formula

There is not a day that goes by when someone ask about my color or how I dye my extensions .

So I am here to share all the lovely details with you gorgeous babes.

What you need:

-Mixing Bowl & Brush

-Hair Color (I like to use Pulp Riot for fantasy colors)


-Conditioner (White/Cream color)


-Paper Towel

-Hair Extensions (or just your real hair)

Pink Color Formula:

The colors I used are in “Blush” (light pink) and “Mercury” (silver).

Each pack are 4oz.

For every 4oz of Blush add about 1/2 oz of Mercury 

Since my hair is thick and the Bellami extensions are 22′ long. 4 pack of color seemed fair but really I should have purchased another box of the Blush . If you’ve colored extensions before then you probably already know that sometimes you will have to color them a 2nd time.

As soon as you got your colors mixed. Start to add in the conditioner to dilute the pink so it wont be too vivid.

I used 15 pumps for every bowl.

The reason why I add conditioner every time I color my hair is because in reality I would need like 10 boxes of dye for my hair since it’s so thick. This helps to stretch out the color and also save me money. Plus, I get a deep condition as well.

Use the paper towel to test the color you desire. You can figure out if you should add more conditioner or hair color.

With this shade below.

I used the exact same formula but add in between 30-40 pumps of conditioner.

Which is a huge difference in color.

Final Step:

Once you have finished coloring your extensions. Wait about 20-30min to wash them using warm water and use Shampoo & Conditioner that is safe for color treated hair.

Then lay them all out to air dry.

Never use a blow dryer or brush the hair extensions while wet.

The brand of hair I used are from Bellami Hair 22″ in Ash Blonde. I have 2 other sets of different brands of extensions and these ones are far out the best! The quality and thickness of the hair is amazing.

Color Tip:

When it’s time to color your natural hair, tend to go one level darker then the extensions. Not too much but just a bit so your real hair blend nicely into the extensions.

To learn more about Pulp Riot colors, click here. Sadly, you can only purchase this brand at Salon Centric and must be a licensed Cosmetologist.

So down below, I included colors that are similar and products that I use.

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