Graduation Gift Ideas for her.

Whether it’s your daughter, sister, neice, or cousin.

Looking for a gift can be tough but looking for a gift that they will actually love can be even more difficult. This is why I made a Top 10 gift guide on items that your teen will love and get some use out of it. Even though it should be the thought that counts, I promise you they will love it.

Graduation is already here and if you are like me, you probably have not even purchase a gift yet. So here is 10 perfect last minute gifts that every teen needs.

1.Quay Australia x Desi Sunglasses||2.Gold Dre Beats||3.Michael Kors Backpack 4.Pink Michael Kors Watch||5.Pineapple Luggage||6.Too Faced Natural Palette 7.Emliy & Meritt Duffle Bag||8.Instax Camera|| Portable Charger 10.“She Believed She Could” Cuff


Quay Australia -This brand of sunnies has become popular but these Sunglasses are on demand because they collaborated with one of the top beauty youtubers Desi Perkins. Of course they’re perfect for this summer.

Dre Beats -What teen doesn’t want these bad boys. With Summer around the corner, these will keep them occupied on any family vacation .

Michael Kors Backpack -Every girl dreams of owning an MK bag. With all the fun they will be having with roadtrips, concerts, and beach trips, this bag will be their life. Literally!

Michael Kors Watch -Time is precious. Let them have this summer without always having to look at their phones, they can just enjoy spending their time even more with loved ones.

Jessica Simpson Pineapple Luggage -Is your teen going on an adventure, maybe it’s to disneyland or a festival. Whatever it is, let them travel in style.

Too Faced Natural Love Palette -Is she a beauty junkie or maybe she just love pretty things. This gorgeous eyeshadow palette is a must.

Emily & Meritt Duffle Bag -Stylish and inexpensive. No teen can have too many vacation bags.

Fujifilm Instax Camera -Every girl essential. This will make the perfect gift to create amazing memories this summer. Portable Charger -No one likes a died phone. Especially when that moment when you want to snap the perfect photo but can’t because your phone is about to die.

“She believed she could” cuff -She believed she could, so she did. As a girl, we are all a bit emotianal and it’s easy to be discouraged. This cuff is not only stylish but a great reminder for your teen to pick herself up and know that she can do anything and be anyone that she puts her mind too. This is a great gift and an amazing encouragement. #Girlboss

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Hope you enjoyed this post. What gift is on your list?

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