It’s my birthday! – 10 Facts about me.

Today is my 28th birthday, yay me!

Although I am not in the mood to get any older, it could be because my period just had started. What an awesome time to start the new month and the first day of my journey of being #28andgreat, bummer.

I haven’t done a post like this yet, I feel like I am always doing reviews or sharing my favorite product and I want you all to get to know me a bit. So I will be sharing 10 facts on questions that people always ask me and how amazing I am!No this is not a joke, I am pretty awesome, well I like to think so. *lol*

Let’s get started:

1.I’m mixed – Mexican, Native, Filipina, Irish. Kind of a weird mix but it makes me who I am.

      2. I never walk out my house without any makeup on. Unless I go to the pool but most times I will wear makeup.

     3. My favorite color is gold. No matter what room in my apartment you go into, you will so something gold. I mean even my silverware are gold , so should I say goldware.

 4. I laugh at my own jokes. Not just a small giggle but more like I can’t breath type of laugh, well sometimes but I do find myself hilarious.

5. I can not go a day without coffee or be talked to before I have it. I am either a zombie or the hulk.

6. I use to rap in my teenage years. Yes, I thought I was going to be a famous rapper lol but I am pretty good. I use to rap pretty fast I had to learn how to slow down because my cousins would get mad at me but I thought of myself as a female Twista, if you know who that is?

7. I HATE mustard! Not in a “ewww that’s nasty” type of way but more like a phobia. That might sound funny and it is embarressing but I honestly did not know it until I had came in contact with a sitaution, I’ve actually hated mustard since I was litte which is so weird. No one knows this only my family but if you are ready this well now you do.

8. I do not like cats. Yes, they look so adorable in videos but I will never get one and when they cry they just scare the crap out of me.

9. I am a shy person but once you get to know me I will be annoying and talk too much. But I am pretty awesome and fun to be around.

10. Last but not least, I am a HUGE perfectonist. It actually drives people crazy and sometimes myself. It can take me forever to get something done because if it is not perfect in my eyes, it will be stuck in the back of my mind and make me go insane until it’s correct. I honestly hope I am not the only one like this. It’s the #virgo in me.

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