Monterey on a Budget.

Summer is finally here, which means that crazy heat has come. Here in Sacramento, it has been about 100 degrees for the past few days and I just couldn’t handle it any more. So, I was desperate to get away and decide to head down to Monterey for a mini 24hr trip.

On our way down, we stopped in Castroville, ca to the open market next to the Giant Artichoke Restaurant to grab some delicious fried artichokes. I mean these are the bomb dot com. If you’re heading that way, I would suggest to take a small rest stop and try these.

As soon as we arrived in Monterey, the first thing my daughter asked was “ Can we go to the beach now?“. Like, we haven’t even started our day yet and she already had the beach in mind and of course I had to bribe her to just relax and enjoy the nice weather.

You can tell in this photo that she is day dreaming of the ocean….

Our first stop was the Fisherman’s Warf. Usually you will see a lot of seals hanging out by the rocks in the front, but this time there was none.

I haven’t been here for about a year, but it was late at night and everthing was closed so you can say there was memories here and a lot of them was with my little sister who had passed last year (but I will save that for another day) so this time I enjoyed browsing the shops with my daughter.

Can you tell I have a sweet tooth?!

Fudge and candy apples! Can’t get any better then that!

Well, maybe. But you just like have to get a candy apple when you come here, more like a rocky road apple. Yum!!



She wanted to snap the same pose that my little sister had done.

Ice cream anyone?!

The best part is that they have samples of clam chowder. They’re about 3-4 areas that will give out samples. If you’re hungry, no worries! (*wink wink)

They all do taste different so it will help you choose which resaurant will you buy your clam chowder in a bread bowl. Which is a must at any wharf!

We then went up deck to enjoy the view and see if we can spot any seals, which was only one. But it was still nice enjoying the gorgeous view.

Our next stop was Cannery Row, which was just a couple of minutes away from Fisherman’s Wharf.

We did a little window shopping since we were on a no spending spree. Saving up for our trip to Disneyland/LA . We then saw an amazing view of the ocean, so I just had to stop and enjoy once again.

Last but not least, our final stop was at Roberts Beach, which is right off of Seaside. This is one of my favorite spots because it’s not that crowded and it’s a nice place to relax.

I just love the beach! If you can tell, my daughter does too. It my happy place where I can just think and clear my head. Something about the smell of the sea and the sound of the waves just makes my day. All my problems just goes away and I love it!

I will be posting my Disneyland and Los Angeles trip next week if you would like to see all the hot spots I visit.

Have you been to Monterey? What is your favorite thing to do?

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